U12 Post-Season Events Qualification Update

Dear U12 Families,

I am reaching out with a U12 Post Season Qualification Update.  Attached is a spreadsheet with boys and girls on separate tabs showing who is going to which event. Please check this out to see what event your athlete will attend.  Please note that the girls' SL project quota is still not full and neither the boys' nor the girls' Meisterschaft quota is full due to a lack of response from some families.  At this point any girl can go to an event if they want to - with the number of confirmed "pulls" there are no longer any "alternates."  There are still boys in the alternates range, but with the large number of pulls and no responses I think it is likely that any boy who wants to go to Meisterschaft will be able to.  

Therefore, if you haven't yet responded to me on a post-season preference for your athlete, please do so ASAP.  

Details on each event will follow as needed.


Mariel MeringoloHead of School
Okemo Mountain School802-228-1513
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U12 Post-Season Event Girls Roster 2019.png
U12 Post-Season Event Boys Roster 2019.png