Okemo U14 Training and Race Plan 3/7-3/10 and Piche's

Hello Okemo U14 Families,

We are through shootouts and now officially into championship and open race season. The weekend program will end on 3/24. We will have Weekend Athletes Awards, a BBQ, and Demo Day on the 24th. Demo Day is a chance to try out all of next years alpine equipment to decide what Athletes want to ski on next season. 

Thursday 3/7: Stratton Training Day. We have a GS lane for Gate training 11:15-1:30. Athletes can bring both SL and GS skis to ski on if they would like. Or stick with just GS. A van will leave OMS at 8am Thursday morning. OMS athletes will have training at Okemo as well. Each athletes will need to pay for a 55$ ticket and an additional training space fee depending on how many athletes are attending. Please let me know if you will attend the training day by 3/5 before 6pm. Wednesday I will email all on the list to let them know how much money to bring for lane space and lift tickets. The following athletes are confirmed as attending: Carter Robinson, Gabe Dawkins, Cole Firstbrook, Brooke Bergendahl, Christian Carratero, Olivia Weeple, Graham Stein, Jillian Ludl, Tad D'Andrea, Chase Poodiack, Owen Poodiack, Nina Garbarino, Merina Visnic, Abby Kelleher, Hayden Nelson, Tia Spenlinhaur, Josh Rosenberg, Mike  Caruso, Kieran Shea. Let me know if anyone needs to be added to this list.

Friday 3/8: Stratton State Championship SL Race, which may get changed to SG. This will be confirmed on Wednesday. If a change is made the schedule will be Friday SG, Saturday GS, and Sunday SL. I will let everyone know if a change is made, otherwise plan for SG, GS, and SL.

Saturday 3/9: Stratton State Championship GS Race. Or Bromley Open SL Race (https://www.vara.org/race/u12-14-sun-mountain-showdown-open-slalom/1411/). Please let me know if your son or daughter will be attending Bromley. Confirmed athlete list: Luke Cronin, Brendan Tatko
Sunday 3/10: Stratton State Champion SG Race. Or Magic Open GS Race (https://www.vara.org/race/u12-14-spring-series-open-gs/1564/). Please let me know if your son or daughter will be attending Magic. Confirmed athlete list: Brendan Tatko.
Francis Piche Invitational 3/15-3/17: This event was selected after the group of athletes that made States from Shootout. The following athletes are qualified: Ben Crawford, Charlie Tavolato if they would like to attend or can't attend please let me know. The race has an optional training day on 3/15, GS race on 3/16, and SL race on 3/17. Here is a link to get more information and pay/register (https://www.gunstockskiclub.com/francispiche).
Let me know if you have any questions, have a great week!

Charles(Jet) Robbins
Head U14 Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Okemo Mountain School

U14 Vermont State Championships