Okemo U16/19 Program 2/9 - 2/10

Welcome to another weekend at Okemo,

Although we have had a mild week, be prepared, the cold is coming back. Saturday I expect to get some excellent speed training on Wardance. Sunday will be a day to revisit the fundamentals as we will freeski/drills in group. I have included a list of races at the bottom. And hard to believe it's already time to register for the U16 state tech events. As usual with the U16 age group, you will need to miss a day of school on Friday March 1 to compete in both State events. Also unlike the U14's, U16 events are split gender. This year boys are at Stratton and girls are at GMVS (Sugarbush).

Saturday: SG/Fast GS Wardance 8:30-11:30, 11:30-12:30 Lunch, 12:30-2 Group Ski

Sunday:   Group Ski/Drills 8:30 -11:30 meet at yurt. Afternoon Session 12:30-2

Monday: U16 State SG Race Stowe (OMS Athletes + Thomson, Amato, and Marra)

Race Radar: 
2/18 VT Open SL Pico

2/21 GTS SL S6

2/24 GTS GS Burke

2/25 (Make Up) MLK VT Open GMVS

U16 States

3/1 Women GS GMVS
3/1 Men SL Stratton
3/2 Women SL GMVS

3/2 Men GS Stratton

Cody Larson

Head U16-19 Coach

Okemo Mountain School


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