U14 Championship Season

Hello Okemo U14 Families,

We are right into the thick of the season and that means championships are approaching. We have two regular season races left and then it is into the post season. 
Please let me know if your son or daughter has not raced at all this season and does not plan to. I need to submit our final numbers for athletes that have competed in one or more Mid Vermont Council (MVC) Races. Our population number in MVC are use to determine the number of athlete we will qualify out of MVC into the Vermont State Championships at Stratton (3/8-3/10). I have attached the announcement for States Championships.

QUALIFYING FOR THE COUNCIL STATE TEAM: The scoring will be based on one less than half (50%----1) of the racers lowest place points. MVC will score 2 SLs, 2 GSs and 1 SG. If the season scoring total is an odd number of runs, the amount of runs taken into consideration will be rounded down. Ties will be broken externally by taking the next best result. Quotas/Gender Splits Council quotas for U14 VARA State Championships will be based on each council’s percentage of active U14 competitors. This percentage will determine the allocation of quota spots per council and within each seed at States. For example, if the council has 38% of the U14 athletes in VARA, they receive 38% of the total field quota and 38% of each seed. Determination of each council’s participants will be made after the 2nd week of February. Each council will allocate its gender distribution of quota spots based on the percentages of male and female competitors within council.

In other words we have 13 possible place points, first run, second run, and combine results for all of the MVC races that are contested. 13 is odd, so it rounds down to 12, half of 12 is 6, and 1 less is 5. Athletes will be ranked on their best 5 results. I have attached a flow chart to help. In the next couple of weeks we should know our number of male and female athletes that will qualify to States right out of the MVC races. The next 55 (split between male and Female) ranked athletes will make the Shoot Out at Pico. Which is basically a last chance qualifier. This will be a race with one run of GS and one of SL. The top 23 boys and 23 girls will go to States from the Shoot Out. If you want any additional detail check out the MVC U14 Rules (https://www.vara.org/rules.php).

If you read through this and the rules and have additional questions please let me know. Enjoy the week!

Charles(Jet) Robbins
Head U14 Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Okemo Mountain School

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