U12 and U10 Update 3/2 and 3/3

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

Hope you are all well!  Below is info for this weekend, plus an abbreviated look ahead like I sent last week. Note that the U10 Festival is now 3/10, not 3/9.   On Monday I sent the in-depth details on open/post-season races in March (not including the regular season stuff this weekend and the U10 Festival on 3/10) - please refer there for more info.  You will receive one more email from me this week which will contain information about U12 standings and how to indicate your child's preference of events.  Please be ready to reply FAST!

This weekend:

Saturday 3/2: U12s train tall gate SL at home; U10s will train GS

Also, 3/2: Comedy Night sponsored by William Raveis Vermont Properties to benefit OMARA. Details HERE.  

Sunday 3/3: U12s race dual tall gate SL at U12 Festival at Okemo (register here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/187972by midnight Thursday; see details below); U10s race GS at Middlebury (register here https://adminskiracing.com/node/201874 by 3/2 at 9:30 am; see details below) 

We need volunteers to help with our Okemo race!!!  Please email Maggie (mseiple@vailresorts.com) to sign up to help!

Looking ahead...

Saturday 3/9: Train home freeski GS OR Open U12 Bromley SL Race  

Sunday 3/10: Train home SL OR Open U12 Magic GS Race OR U10 Festival with Dual GS at Killington (details to come)

Saturday 3/16: Piche's OR SVC Meisterschaft for qualifying U12s - Magic Dual GS OR Open U10 and U12 race at S6 OR Train at home

Sunday 3/17: Piche's OR SVC Meisterschaft for qualifying U12s - Willard SL OR Train at home

Saturday 3/23: U12 and U10 "Devo" Olympics at home

Sunday 3/24: The Great Parent-Athlete Race, the end of season awards, and an on-snow race demo!! Stay tuned for more details.

March 29- 31: VT/NY SL Camp for qualifying U12s (second year only)

Details for U12 Festival at Okemo 3/3:

Please pre-register online here by Friday 3/2: https://adminskiracing.com/node/187972

Bib pick up: 7:30-8:30 in the competition center (upstairs by Maggie and Pete's office)

Athletes should meet coaches at 8:20 am at the yurt to go for free runs and inspections.

The day is going to consist of two tall gate SL races - both run on two courses simultaneously (like a dual).  The first race will begin at 9:30 am and the two runs of the first race will be back to back.  Evens will start on the skier's right course and odds on the skier's left course.  Girls will go first, then boys.  Second run will be on the opposite course and in the same bib order.  Inspection for the second race will begin 30 minutes after the end of the first race and will be open for 45 minutes.  The second race will begin approximately 15 minutes later and will be run in the same manner except in reverse bib order for both runs.

Awards will be given out by the scoreboard about 20-30 minutes after the second race.  Top 10 for each gender and each race will be given out.

Details for U10 GS at Middlebury on 3/3:

Be sure to register here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/201874 by 3/2 at 9:30 am.

Bib pick up is in the base lodge from 7:30-8:30 am.  The lodge opens at 7:30 am and they ask that you do not arrive early.  Coaches will meet athletes at 8:25 am outside of the base lodge to go for free runs and inspection.  First run starts at 9:30 am.  Boys will run first, then girls. Second run will be in reverse bib order.  There will be 3 runs.  Awards will be based on each athletes best time out of the FIRST TWO RUNS.  The third run is just for fun, but they should recognize the fastest 3 athletes regardless of gender.  A few things to note about Middlebury: NO ALCOHOL, no dogs on the hill or in lodge (can be on premises but must be leashed), NO ONE CAN CARRY SKIS UP THE LIFT - this includes parents.  Athletes must put their race skis on at the bottom and ride up the lift to the start.  Please respect these rules :)! 

Directions to Middlebury:

Take 100 North like you are going to Killington.  Watch for cops in Plymouth. Take a left at RT 4. Watch for cops on the flats just past the Skyeship gondola.  Just past the access road to Killington Rt. 100 splits off to the right.  Take this right to stay on Rt. 100.  You will go through the town of Pittsfield and after another 5 miles or so you will come to a fork in the road.  Stay to the Left (almost actually a left hand turn) to stay on Rt. 100.  Follow this for another 10-12 miles or so and you will come to the town of Hancock.  Take a left onto Rt 125.  This will take you all of the way to the Middlebury Snowbowl.  It will be on your left after climbing up a big hill on a windy road.  The trip takes about 1 hour to 1 hour and fifteen minutes from Ludlow.  Keep in mind that the Snow Bowl is technically in Hancock, not in Middlebury and so you don't go there like you would go to the town of Middlebury or the college. 



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