Okemo U14 State Team and Shootout Team Confirmation

Hello Okemo U14 Families,

We had a great race today, despite the harsh weather. Days like this make gritty athletes and days like today make the sunny ones all that much better!

Here is a list of the athletes that have made the VT State Team and Shootout Team. If your son or daughter cannot attend one of these events please let me know before tomorrow at 3 pm (2/25). We will go down the ranking list to the next qualified athlete, if we have any pulls.

Let me know if you have any questions.

State Team


Nina Garbarino

Merina Visnic

Abby Kelleher 

Kiera Laurion

Jillian Ludl

Olivia Weeple

Hayden Nelson

Tia Spenlinhaur

Georgia Chadwick


Josh Rosenberg

Cole Firstbrook

Mike  Caruso

Michael Amato

Gabe Dawkins

Christian Carretero

Graham Stein

Carter Robinson

Thad D'Andrea

Kieran Shea

Owen Poodiack

Shootout Team


Brooke Bergendahl

Emily Solomon

Julia Musiak

Samantha Mecane

Isabel Benison

Lauren Rowland

Mackenzie Peters

Tessa D'Alessandro

Reiley Pascale

Maddie Distasio

Grace Blackwell 

Isabelle Vagell

Sylvia Brennan

Danielle Cohn

Chase Poodiack

Tyler Lovejoy

Ben Crawford

Charlie Tavolato

Rhys Marschke

Luke Cronin

Carter Goodrich

Connor Buchichio

Cole Doolittle

Brendan Tatko

Fitz Hamner

Brendan Crowley

Charles(Jet) Robbins
Head U14 Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Okemo Mountain School