2019 U12 Post-Season Events Info and March Open Races for U12 and U10s

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

Here is the general info on March races I promised to send. Email update specific to this weekend still to come, as well as the actual U12 standings (which are not complete yet)....just trying to avoid info overload in each email.

The first group of races are for U12s only and must be qualified for based on each athlete's best 4 results out of the MVC 2 SL (Quechee and Suicide Six) and 2 GS (Killington and Pico) races.  Out of these races there are 12 total results - 1st run place, 2nd run place, and combined time place for each race.  Each athlete's best 4 results out of the 12 are going to be totaled and then the athletes will be ranked from lowest to highest total to create MVC U12 season long standings.  We will work down the list and give each athlete the choice of which of the 3 events below they would like to attend - choice preference going to the higher ranked athlete.   I will share the standings with you once they are complete and ask that all U12s indicate their choices in order of preference.  Though there are only a total 41 spots for boys and 40 spots for girls (there were two slots to Piches that had to be divided between Mid and South - Mid got the extra boy, South the extra girl) for MVC U12 racers, we will take alternates after the top 40.  In fact in the last few years all U12s who wanted to go to a postseason event got to go to one, just not necessarily their first choice.  For this reason I am asking all athletes regardless of place to let me know their preference or that your athlete won't attend any of the races. More info on this qualification process was shared in U12 and U10 101 (attached again here).  Please consider the choices below and be ready to state your athlete's preferences later this week when I ask for them - DO NOT REPLY NOW WITH A CHOICE.

U12 only races in no particular order.  Please remember no one event is "better" than another - choose one that sounds most interesting to your athlete or fits your family's schedule best:Option #1:
 Piche's Invitational - Gunstock, NH - March 15-17th. MVC Quota: 6 boys/5 Girls. (Mid got an extra boy spot, South got an extra girl spot bc of the ratio of boys to girls in our respective Councils) The event is a Friday/Saturday event with an optional SL race on Sunday (though typically everyone does the SL). Friday is a training day and Saturday is a GS race.  Entry fee is $150 for Fri/Sat plus an additional $75 for Sunday SL.  Gunstock is near Lake Winnepesaukee so it will require an overnight stay for most of you. http://www.gunstockskiclub.com/francispiche

Option #2: 
SVC Meisterschaft - March 16-17.  MVC Quota 30 boys/30 girls.  A two day race series in Southern VT.  Saturday is Dual GS at Magic Mountain (only about 25 minutes from Ludlow in Londonderry, VT). Sunday is a SL at Willard Mtn (only about 1.5 hours from Ludlow, but technically in NY).    This is a very fun weekend - many MVC athletes have attended in the past and there are always great awards for each day and overall for both days combined.  It looks like entry fees are $45 each day this year.

Option #3:
 VT/NY SL Project  at West Mountain March 29 - 31. MVC Quota: 5 boys/5 girls - 2007 Year of Birth ONLY!! I still don't know final cost, but somewhere between $170-190.  No housing provided - athletes must stay with a parent.  Depending on how many of our athletes go we may send a coach.  
Other open races for U10 and U12s:

Saturday, March 9th: Sun Mountain Showdown Open at Bromley SL Race.  This race is open to U12 and U14s.  We will staff this race with a few coaches if there is interest. Enter online here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/180635

Sunday, March 10th: Spring Series Race at Magic Mountain GS Race.  This race is open to U12 and U14s.  We will staff this race with a few coaches if there is interest. Enter online here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/215683

Saturday, March 16th: Slush Cup Race at Suicide Six for U10s and U12s.  We will staff this race with a few coaches if there is interest. Enter online here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/181427

More information will come to you for each event as they approach, but wanted to put everything down in one place.

Again, for U12s please consider the 3 options and be ready with order of preference.  I will be in touch with standings this week and will need answers turned back very quickly.

And for the other open races, please remember YOU REGISTER YOUR ATHLETE.

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