Okemo U14 Drill Video and Post Season Quota's

Hello Okemo U14 Families,

We have had very productive weekend. Here is one of the main drills we worked on today and will do 3 runs of tomorrow to start the morning, if you are here, (http://videos.ussa.org/coetv/detail/videos/technical/video/5707021861001/pole-in-front-n-behind?autoStart=true&page=1). Even if your not here watch the video and see how you did today, deliberate practice! 

I have also attached the council quotas for the post season and the vara flow chart.

Let me know if you have any questions, cheers!

Charles(Jet) Robbins
Head U14 Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Okemo Mountain School

2019 VARA U14 QUOTAS.docx.png
VARA_U14_flow_chart_2019 (1).png