U12 and U10 Weekend Update 1/5 + 1/6 + Skills Info

Hello U12 and U10 Families,

Happy New Year!  Hope 2019 is treating you all well so far!  

Info for this weekend:

Saturday 1/5: U10s will train on SL skis at home.  U12s will be at Killington for their Skills Quest Day + Dual Panel SL race (register HERE by Friday 1/4 at noon and see details below) - SL SKIS for this event! NO CHIN BAR or SHIN GUARDS.

Sunday 1/6: Both U10 and U12s will be on SL skis for Stubby SL training.

Looking ahead: On 1/12, U12s are racing Stubby SL at Quechee and U10s are racing Dual Stubby SL at Pico. On 1/13, both U10 and U12s will be training SL at home.

MARIO THE MAGICIAN: This Saturday 1/5 is the Mario the Magician show hosted by OMARA!!  Don't miss your chance to see this great show.  It is geared towards children, but parents will enjoy as well!  Click HERE to get your tickets!

Skills Quest:

Below are links to information (including video) of each of the four Phase 2 skills that are the focus of U12 training when we are training and competing in "Skills".  U10s will be doing Phase 1 skills at their skills day, but in training will be challenged by the skills below as well.  I have also included the Phase 1 skills below.  Please take a look at these links, but more importantly show your athletes the video.  Many have seen these already with coaches, but more reinforcement at home (or on the car ride up :)!) is great too!  Click on the skill titles for the links!

Phase 2:

Outside Ski Turns

Pole Jumpers Freeski with Pole UsageStraight Run to Side Slip to Edge Set 
Phase 1:Basic Outside Ski TurnsSteps and JumpsFreeski with Parallel SkisHockey Stop
Race Registration Info: All registration is done through https://adminskiracing.com/. Log in (or create a log-in if you don't already have one - I think this is the same as you use to pay for VARA) and then filter races by VARA to see all races in Vermont (https://adminskiracing.com/racereg/event_listing/viewevents).  Use the schedule in the U12.10 101 document to find the races for which you need to register your child.  Each week we have a race I will send reminders, but if you want to get going with registering, go ahead.  
Info for U12 Skills Day/Dual Panel SL at Killington on Saturday 1/5:You must pre-register your own athlete by Friday 1/4 at noon here: https://adminskiracing.com/node/189214

On Saturday registration will begin at 7:30 AM and end at 8:30 am.  Registration will be in the Killington Ski Club Building which is just up the hill to the right from the K1 Lodge, which is the lodge that is at the very end of the access road by the K1 gondola.  When you are looking at the ski club, instead of going in the front door, walk around to the right in the back of the building and head up the stairs and in the back door. Then go down stairs to the Johnny O Multi-Purpose room.  Bibs and lift tickets will be handed out at registration - remind your athlete to put the bib on right away and not to remove it. Killington requests (and so do I) that you have your athlete go to the registration table on their own - it's a great way to get our athletes more involved in the process of race day!  I recommend getting there early! Killington is a busier place than everywhere else we go!    Note that you MUST keep your stuff in the K1 Lodge - not in the Ski Club.

The coaches will meet the athletes at 8:15 AM outside of the K1 lodge.  Athletes will then be broken up into mixed mountain groups for the purpose of rotating to the skills stations from about 9 am - 11 am.  These groups will be lead by coaches, but not necessarily Okemo coaches.  They will then meet back with their groups to inspect for the afternoon's dual panel SL race at noon (or as instructed by their group leader).  Awards for the race will be given to the top 3 teams and awards for Skills are given to the top 10 boys and girls based on their scores for "outside ski turns" and "freeski with pole usage."  PLEASE NOTE: The skills and race will be on Highline. Highline is visible on foot and ends right at the Killington Ski Club building.
Parent tickets are available for $65 CASH or CHECK (payable to KMS) only!!  And only at registration - not at a ticket window or guest services.  Limit 2 per athlete.

Driving Directions to Killington:From Ludlow, take a right onto Rt 100 North at the new traffic light. Follow this until it intersects with Rt. 4 (watch out for cops in Plymouth when the speed limit drops!). Take a left onto Rt. 4. Go past the gondola on the side of the road and keep going until you go up a big hill. The access road will be on your left. Turn left onto access road and follow it all the way to the top to the K1 Lodge.  It takes about 35-40 minutes to get there  

As a reminder, please click HERE to refer to the U12.10 101 document for race schedule and other info!


Mariel Meringolo

Head of School
Okemo Mountain School

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