Hopefuls 1/5-1/6 Announcement

Hopefuls 1/5 - 1/6

Happy New Year everyone! We have our first race this weekend on Saturday, 1/5. We’ll meet as usual in the front of the Sugar House at 9 am. From there we’ll go over to the race arena and inspect the race course. The race will begin at 10 am. The kids will take 2 runs in the course and should be picked up for lunch by parents at the bottom of the race arena after their second run. The race generally takes an hour. We’ll re-group at noon in front of the Sugar House, ski until 2 pm at which time we’ll have awards and results at the Sugar House. 

Please have the kids skis tuned for the weekend. Many of the local shops offer season tunes for a reasonable price. If you are skiing 2 - 3 days a week it’s a good idea to have the skis tuned weekly or at the least every other week.

Sunday, 1/6, will be training for kids in the Sunday program. Meet at the Sugar House at 8:30, pick up at 12:30.

We also have races on the following dates:

Sat 1/19

Sat 2/9

Sat 3/9

Sun 3/24

If you have any questions please email me at ptrainer@tds.net


Pam and Jim and the Hopeful Coaches