OMST 12.8-12.9 and Groms Team opening weekend

OMST parents and athletes, 

It was great to see our OMST athletes back at Okemo over the weekend and we also welcomed some new additions to the team as well! Winter is definitely back in New England with cold weather and some very ideal temps for snowmaking. The mountain has been working hard on resurfacing and is currently blowing a ton of snow in the Gore which should be open and accessible by the weekend. It is also the official kickoff weekend for the Groms Team and parents, please make sure that the kids are layered up with face protection, hand warmers, layers, etc.. If Groms parents could also make sure to do a quick binding check (i.e. tightening of all binding screws) that would be great. 

This weekend's training will be as follows:


8am: Meet at Sitting Bull for team stretch

8:15am-11am: Freeride, switch riding, and park

11am-11:45pm: Lunch

12pm-1:30pm: Park


Luke Bonang

Freestyle Sports Program Director
Head Snowboard Coach

Okemo Mountain School //OMST