Hopefuls OMARA announcement weekend of 12/8

Welcome All to Hopefuls 2018-2019

Saturday, 12/8,is our first day and we are looking forward to skiing with everyone this weekend. We’ll meet in front of the Sugar House at 9 am, ski until 11 am when we return to the Sugar House. We’ll break for lunch, please meet your children promptly at 11 am. After lunch we’ll re-group and ski from 12 - 2 pm, again returning to the Sugar House. 

For those athletes signed up for the Sunday program, we’ll meet Sunday morning in front of the Sugar House at 8:30 and ski until 12:30. During the session we will take a snack break so please send your athlete with a snack or some money to purchase a snack.

Temps look to be chilly this weekend so please dress with extra layers, we hope to spend the sessions out on the hill.

Our schedule for the Holiday week is as follows:

Saturday 12/22 all Hopefuls
Sunday 12/23 Sunday program Hopefuls
Thursday 12/27 all Hopefuls
Saturday 12/29 all Hopefuls
Sunday 12/30 all Hopefuls

First race is Saturday, 1/5, more details to follow.

Cheers and see you all on Saturday!

Pam, Jim and the Hopeful coaches

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