Okemo U16-19 Heading Into Holiday Break

Hi Everyone,

Well it's hard to predict how conditions will be going into this holiday break. Today was likely the best day on snow of the season. The next few days we will fall victim to the law of averages. When we got off to such a stellar start in early November, we were all thinking "enjoy it now because we will probably be skiing on grass during Christmas break". Pretty typical to Vermont though. Either way we will be enduring some heavy rain and warm temps on Friday. This weekend we are moving into some panel SL training in preparation for our only race over the break which will be the 28th at Okemo. It should be a great event. I am looking forward to it.  

Race Radar:Looking ahead to the new year, our next two events will be a GS at Stratton on a Friday the 4th. And the 5th we will be a Bromley for a SL race.

Holiday Schedule: Time - 8:15am - 2pm Venue - Wardance

12/21 Friday:     AM Gym Session for OMS and paid 3 day weekend athletes

12/22 Saturday: Panel SL/Drills

12/23 Sunday:   GS Drills
12/24 Monday:  OFF X-mas eve
12/25 Tuesday: OFF X-mas
12/26 Wed:        GS Gates

12/27 Thurs:      Panel SL

12/28 Friday:     VT Cup Panel SL Race Wardanc12/29 Sat:          SL Gates/Drills

12/30 Sun:         SL Gates/Drills

Schedule may change. I will do my best to give you ample notice if we have to switch disciplines. Contact me with any race questions you may have.

Happy Holidays!

Cody Larson

Head U16-19 Coach

Okemo Mountain School


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