OMST 12.15_12.16

OMST parents and athletes, 

Thanks to mother nature providing New England with some cold December temps, the mountain has been able to make a huge snowmaking effort and the early season riding at Okemo is some of the best it has been it in a very long time. There will be 75+ trails to explore upon and we will be riding a lot of the mountain this weekend in addition to park training on Lower Tomahawk and in The Zone as well. The park staff is working hard to have Lower Tomahawk finished by Friday so we should have a new playground for the weekend. Crazy Train (the OMS Signature park) is also receiving the benefits of snowmaking and this park should be opened up by next weekend. All in all, we are looking to be in excellent shape for the holiday break! 

This weekend's schedule will be as usual: 

8am: Meet at the Sitting Bull

8am-11am: Training

11am-11:45am Lunch

11:45am-1:30 Training 

If anyone has any questions on anything at all, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email and we hope to see you all this weekend. 

Luke BonangFreestyle Sports Program Director
Head Snowboard CoachOkemo Mountain School // OMST