U16-U19 USSA Weekend, 11.28.18 Update

Welcome to the 2018/19 ski racing season as a U16/19 athlete. I see many familiar names on the list. To those, I would like to welcome back. And to the newcomers, I look forward to working with you this season. It's time to get started. It usually takes me a couple weeks to edit my email list so please provide me any additions or subtractions. 

I know we are all anxious to get into the racing season. Let's get this first weekend under our belts before we start talking about racing. Please have no fear of missing out on early season races. There will be plenty of racing opportunity whenever we are ready. With the weather helping to kick off and early season. We should be able to get excellent training right off the bat. Only the few who have had ample training time on snow (Colorado trip) or who are an experienced OMS U19 will be considering the first weekend of races on Dec. 8 and 9. As many of you remember from last season, our race schedule is not cut and dry. This is unlike any other sport. There is a list of all the U16/19 races on the VARA calendar. From that list, I decide which races we will staff with coaches. This list of races as well as training disciplines you can find here under OMS U16/19. If an athlete raced in every race I have listed they would be absolutely fried from ski racing. Managing each athlete's race schedule on an individual basis is the responsibility of the coaching staff. Coach - athlete communication during the training sessions and through email are critical to this task. Also convenience for parents plays a role in choosing races. That being said let's emphasize that communication component. If you are race ready and your coach agrees, talk about racing opportunities. If training is a better option, discuss training opportunities. We have a large group this year and we will be spread out all over the state on any given weekend. To maximize group efficiency, our coaching staff will do our absolute best to provide consistent weekend training opportunities regardless of race schedule.

Again, welcome to the season! And please don't hesitate to ask questions. 

Weekend Training Plan   Bring SL gear

Saturday 12/1: Meet at yurt 8:15, Slalom Drills and Drill Courses on War Dance 8:15-11:30, Lunch 11:30-12:30. Afternoon Free Ski and Drills 12:30-2.

Sunday 12/2: Meet at yurt 8:15, Slalom Drills and Drill Courses on War Dance 8:15-11:30, Lunch 11:30-12:30. Afternoon Free Ski and Drills 12:30-2.

-Note (as implemented last year) you are not allowed to opt out of afternoon session at your own discretion. Notify a coach if you are going to dismiss yourself early based on approval of a reasonable request.
Reminder below if you haven't already done so:
Signing Up for the Program

To pay and register follow this link (https://www.okemo.com/mountain-info/competition-programs/). If you are registering an OMS  athlete you can follow this link to pay your OMARA dues. You only need to pay this once per family.

All Athletes must have completed the health and liability forms for each child who will be enrolled in our programs. They can be found under MEMBERS-FORMS + RESOURCES on this OMARA site. Will you please fill them out and send back to Maggie? She will need those forms before the start of your child's program in order for them to be on the hill with their coaches. Please reply only to Maggie Seiple (mseiple@vailresorts.com) when sending the forms back. If you have any questions - Maggie can be reached at (802) 228-1483.

Other Required Memberships

Make sure to sign up for VARA (https://vara.org/join-vara.php) and US Ski and Snowboard Memberships (https://usskiandsnowboard.org/membership)
Cody Larson

Head U16-19 Coach

Okemo Mountain School