A Freeride Team, 11.28.18 Update

Hi All-

The mountain is in great shape with almost 2 feet of natural snow this week. The first weekend of training is upon us!  We will have training this weekend for A and B skiers only, following the regular schedule from 9am-11am and 12pm-2pm Saturday and Sunday. Freshstart training will begin on 12/8. As always we will meet at the top of the A/B/ 

There is an OMARA social event this Saturday at the Roundhouse at Jackson gore from 5-7:30PM. At 5:30 we will meet separately as the freestyle group where you can meet the coaches and ask us questions. I will give a overview of our plan for the season. All parents and kids are invited. 

The competition and training schedule is being posted to the OMARA site, Ill have all of our events picked out this week. Please note some ski the east events will not be added till later as the dates have not been released. Use the link to access the calendar -> http://go2omara.com/freestyle/schedule/

This season we will be competing in USASA events for slopestyle, skiercross and half pipe events. These events are for both A and B level skiers. We will not be competing in any USSA B level slopestyle events this season. Please sign up for USASA if you plan to compete in those events. https://www.usasa.org. Note these are the only slope events we are doing at the B level! Registration is open for all USASA events. Please sign up ASAP for the events you plan to do on our schedule as these do fill up very soon. 

We will be competing in USSA events for A and B moguls. In addition for A slopestyle (east free tour). If you plan to compete in any of those events please sign up for a USSA freestyle license. http://ussa.org. Registration for in region B level events typically opens two Mondays prior to the event. It is your responsibility to periodically check  http://www.easternfreestyle.org/schedule for event registrations to go live (Do not always count on a reminder from me to register). Registration for the Okemo B mogul comp on December 15-16 should open on Monday December 3rd, please remember to register. 

We plan to expand our attendance at big mountain events sanctioned by IFSA (formerly Ski the East Freeride tour) this season. As the schedule becomes available I will post it. All skiers on both the mogul and freeride team should do these events. I will send a separate email about IFSA events once that schedule is all up. 

I will be using google groups as the primary method of communication this season. Basically it is an email list serve where the coaches can email the group. Parents will also be able to email the group (pending approval) by emailing okemofreestyle@googlegroups.com. Use the link below to join the group if you are not already in it per my invite earlier. Please note you may need to make a gmail email address, though some non gmail addresses do work. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/okemofreestyle/join

I am looking forward to seeing you all on the mountain soon! Think snow! Please let me know if you have any questions. 

As a reminder if you are not yet registered for the program you need to sign up at the link below and complete all paperwork that I sent out earlier this week. You can not train, ski with the group, tag along for a lap etc until all of this is completed! If you have issues registering please contact Maggie Seiple at mseiple@vailresorts.com.


Lenny Ancuta

Head Coach/Program Director 

c. (551) 427-5539