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Okemo Mountain Snowboard Team (Ages 10-18)


12.1.18 - 3.24.19

Weekends and holidays, 8:00am-1:30pm
Afternoon meeting times may vary after training groups are established.
Meeting place in front of Sitting Bull


The Okemo Mountain Snowboard Team is for any advanced rider (ages 10-18) looking to compete and to take his/her riding ability to a higher level.  Our coaching staff will work on all disciplines with the athlete to ensure that the rider becomes well rounded and well versed on a snowboard.  Being able to ride everything confidently is the foundation that can generate personal and competitive success in snowboarding.  We promote camaraderie within a team environment and strive to enhance the lives of each and every athlete by creating the ultimate on-hill winter experience.

There will be a mandatory one-hour screening for each new snowboarder looking to join the OMST program.  This will allow our coaching staff to determine if the rider is qualified to ride with the team and which group the rider will be riding with.