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Groms Program (AGes 6-9)

12.8.18 - 3.24.19

Weekends and holidays, 8:00am-1:30pm
Afternoon meeting times may vary after training groups are established.
Meeting place in front of Sitting Bull

The Groms Team was developed to provide coaching for young, aspiring snowboarders (ages 6-9*) who would like to start competing at a early age, but who have not yet reached the level of the older kids on OMST.  The young rippers will learn the basic etiquette of snowboarding, shredding the park and pipe, riding the trees, training gates, and navigating a BX course.  The ultimate goal of the Grom program is to establish fundamental riding skills at a young age to generate an everlasting passion for snowboarding and to better prepare them for the OMST.

The OMST Grom Team is an abbreviated version of our Snowboard Competition program where the kids will train every weekend and holiday with our USASA certified coaching staff with a 3:1 grom-to-coach ratio.  We strongly encourage riders in this program to compete in our local USASA Southern Vermont Series and will have to compete in at least 1 GS/SL and BX race during the season.

A younger athlete may be considered for this program but must meet specific qualifications in both their riding and social skills. This will be determined upon an evaluation by the coach(s) and in consultation with the parents.