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Shhh … Don’t reveal the best-kept secret in the Competitions Program.

Devo PG equals Development Post Graduate, or as we like to think, Personal Growth.

We use racing fundamentals to turn our participants into very capable skiers.  Camaraderie, love of the snow and downright fun are our driving themes.

Our group is set up for skiers of ages 13 to 18.  Some participants have come to us from successful careers in Hopefuls, U10/U12’s, U14, U16’s or Freestyle.  Others have had little, if any experience with formal instruction.  We ski all parts of the mountain, good weather and bad.

We are a smaller group, generally offering more opportunity for one-on-one focus than other programs.  All participants are expected to have some baseline ability in skiing – and we’ll take it from there.

And the Grads of Devo Post Grad?

Each of our grads has taken their skiing career in a different path;  racing in high school programs, U18/U21’s, ski patrol, junior instruction, freestyle or simply back to stronger free skiing.  In addition to developing stronger skiers, we foster independence, friendship and a life-long appreciation of the sport.

Our Meeting Place and Schedule 

Our group meets at the very top of the A/B quad every Saturday at 8.30 —above the larger Devo Group.  Late morning, the team breaks for lunch, usually eating together.  Afternoon sessions generally end around 2 pm.  We also meet on select days of holiday weeks.

Road Trip

In mid/late February, we’ll do a one day trip to our sister mountain, Mt. Sunapee in New Hampshire.   Subject to good behavior, we might even allow a few parents to come along for the fun.   Unlike many other programs, no competitive events or regular travel are involved.


Appropriate equipment is critical to executing the drills  that we employ every weekend.   While race equipment is not required, boots and skis should reasonably sized and stiff, but not too stiff.  Moreover, skis should be tuned on a regular basis.  For a chef, a dull knife is more dangerous than one correctly sharpened — likewise, sharp skis are critical to safely navigating hard packed slopes.   Talk to us and we’ll gladly offer suggestions.

Interested in Learning More? 

Mike and Bill have enthusiastically worked with the PG group for several years.   Contact us for further info or to come out for a morning and ski with us.